Fund and protect your business

With a B2B credit management company that pays you upfront for your sales and protects you from risk.

Cash flow

Improve your cash flow

Get paid upfront, at the frequency of your choice, so you can invest with confidence and stop being the bank for your customers.

Reduce risk

Reduce your risk

We extend the credit and take the risk of non-payment. Sleep well knowing you've protected the business you've built.

Grow sales

Grow your sales

Win new customers with terms up to 90 days, credit lines up to $1M, convenient online tools and a rewards program

Since 1998, BlueTarp® has partnered with suppliers ranging in size from $1M to $1B+.

Customize your credit program from purchase to payment

Only BlueTarp offers a flexible, end-to-end program that you can tailor to fit your unique business needs.

How it Works

Credit applications

Online and paper applications. Real-time authorizations at POS, ERP, online.

Customer treatment

Choice of terms, lines, collection services, invoices or statements for each customer.

Upfront payments

We pay you on every B2B sale. Choose monthly, twice-monthly or even weekly.

Risk protection

We protect you with full or partial recourse, plus ongoing monitoring.

Billing and collections

Branded billing, flexible payment types and optional collection services.

Online tools

You and your customers have full visibility into all purchases and payments.

Learn how SmartView® gives you full transparency into your customers' activities, while your customers gain tools that save time and better manage cash flow.

Get me started toward a better credit program