Improve your cash flow

Get paid upfront, at the frequency of your choice, so you can invest with confidence and stop being the bank for your customers.

Reduce your risk

We extend the credit and take the risk of non-payment. Sleep well knowing you've protected the business you've built.

Grow your sales

Win new customers with terms up to 90 days, credit lines up to $1M, a rewards program and convenient online tools.

Since 1998 BlueTarp® has partnered with over 10,000 supplier locations ranging in size from $1M to $1 billion+.

How it works

You sell
to customers.

You get
paid quickly.

You choose who
handles customer
service. You or us.

We bill on
your behalf.

We take on
credit risk.


Higher advance rates than bank lines of credit and much lower cost than other funding alternatives.

Credit Expertise

We understand who deserves credit, when to have caution and when to walk away.


You design a credit program that fits how your business works.


Our online tools give you full transparency into customer buying and payment activities.

1. Choose your program

BlueTarp Powered

Our behind-the-scenes
credit program

BlueTarp Managed

Our full-service
credit program

2. Customize your program

Choose how often
you get paid.

Select treatment on a
per-customer basis.

3. Manage your program with SmartView

Learn how SmartView gives you full transparency into your customers' activities, while your customers gain tools that save time and better manage cash flow.